Thank you for your interest in Liiffy! Many of our items come with a guarantee. Below you will find information about our warranty services in hopes of further meeting your needs:

Extended Warranty: Additional extended warranty plans may be available for some items. These plans usually cost extra and may provide you with a longer warranty. If you are interested in an extended warranty, please contact our customer service team who will provide you with relevant options and information.

What the Warranty Covers: Our warranties generally cover manufacturing defects and material problems, but may not cover conditions such as damage, accidents, misuse or normal wear and tear. The specific warranty scope varies depending on the product. Please read the relevant warranty conditions in detail to understand the specific content.

Warranty Repair or Replacement: If there is a problem with your item during the warranty period and it complies with the terms of the warranty, we will provide repair or replacement services on a case-by-case basis. The decision to repair or replace will depend on the type and availability of the goods.

Costs during the warranty period: Depending on the terms of the warranty, some warranties may cover the cost of relevant repairs or replacements, while in other cases you may be required to cover part or all of the cost. Specific cost responsibilities are described in the warranty terms and conditions.

Geographical Limitations of Warranty: Our warranty may be valid in certain geographic areas. If you purchase goods in other regions, please make sure you understand the warranty terms and service availability in the relevant region.

Please note that in the event of a warranty claim, you must present the original receipt as proof of purchase. The original receipt serves as valid proof of purchase for you to receive warranty service.
If you have any further questions, please contact customer service