Explore our Morandi lighting in the Shop By Room collection. Illuminate your space with understated elegance and muted tones inspired by the Morandi color palette.

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Morandi Vintage Glass Frisbee Living Room Pendant Light, 9 Color, Trichromatic Light


Morandi Metal Double-Headed Cylindrical Bedroom Wall Lamp, Morandi


Morandi Modern Art Deco Metal Frisbee Bedroom Pendant Light, 16 colors

$179.99 $161.99

Nordic Metal Cylinder Living Room Ceiling Light, Morandi


Morandi Metal Bowled Dining Room Pendant Light, 6 Color


Morandi Metal Frisbee Living Room Pendant Light, Green/Orange/White, Trichromatic Light


Morandi Metal And Acrylic Dome Dinning Room Pendant Light, Blue/Grey/Pink/White


Morandi Metal Dome Kitchen Pendant Light, Macaron


Morandi Metal And Wooden Geometric Kitchen Pendant Light, 6 Color