Illuminate your indoor spaces with our Indoor Floor Lamps collection. These fixtures epitomize elegance, merging sleek design with practical lighting solutions. Meticulously crafted for interior use, each piece exudes sophistication and functionality, enhancing the ambiance of any room. From modern minimalist designs to classic styles, explore our curated range for the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and versatile functionality.

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Contemporary Metal Bird Indoor Floor Lamp, Gold


Modern Metal Spider Arm Bedroom Floor Lamp, Black


Classical Metal And Marble Curved Living Room Floor Lamp, Orange/White


Modern Metal And Fabric Umbrella Bedroom Floor Lamp, Orange/Red/White

$319.98 $170.99

Designer Metal Ball Dining Room Floor Lamp, Black/Gold

$359.98 $287.99

Morandi Metal Linear Study Room Floor Lamp, Blue/Green/Pink/Yellow


Unusual Metal Sunset Projector Indoor Floor Lamp, Silver


Classical Metal And Fabric Dome Indoor Floor Lamp, Log Color


Classical Metal And Fabric Pleated Bedroom Indoor Floor Lamp, Gold, Trichromatic Light


Minimalist Metal Curved Living Room Floor Lamp, Black


Morandi Metal Conical Bedroom Floor Lamp, Gray/Pink/Yellow